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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Hush!! It's time to be quiet.
Hush!! Nothing is still.

Wild rivers cross our lives;
wild winds stir the mess around us;
the sun is not enough in here -
the days are grey, the hearts dark.

Hush!! Don't worry. I am here.
Be quiet!! Enjoy the silence.

Calmness takes us over -
it's time to learn; listen -
the stones whisper in the fields.
Quietude runes in my veins.

Quietness in my heart, my mind,
pure tranquillity in my life.

Hush!! Hear the sprouts grow;
vibrate with the light.
Hush!! See the gift, the secret -
silence is a key to knowledge.

Keep quiet!! Stay calm.
Stay still. Enjoy the power.