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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Neil Kramer - Guerrilla Psychonautics

'Neil Kramer's talk, entitled Guerrilla Psychonautics, at the first ARC Convention in Bath in February 2010.

Neil Kramer is an English writer, speaker and researcher in the fields of consciousness, metaphysics, shamanism and ancient mystical traditions. Neil has spent over 20 years on a path of inner transformation and shares his discoveries and gnosis in writings, interviews and lectures, as well as giving 1-to-1 spiritual teaching. He is a frequent guest on leading alternative radio and internet shows, enjoying international audiences and enthusiastic support. His work is regularly published on cutting-edge web sites, news portals and popular media networks. 

His website: has empowering essays which have the power to shatter paradigms! And also include navigating the ancient pathways of gnosis, esoteric knowledge, consciousness and the divine.

The ARC Convention website: