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Voglio Che Tu

Io voglio che tu vieni
e stai la mia luce d'amore.
Io voglio che tu vieni
e fare l'amore con me.

Vorrei che tu sia qui
e diventi uno con la luminosità.
Vorrei che tu stai accanto a me
e sussurri il silenzio del desiderio.

Io voglio che tu sia con me,
senti me, prendi me,fai me.
Io voglio che tu togliermi il respiro
e doni me con la comprensione all'interno.

Essere con me, stai con me.
Condividere il mondo con me.
Essere la mia voce di tenerezza,
la mia rapidità, il mio innamorato, il mio Filostorgio.

It's Me

Yes, it's me.
When you feel the vibe turns finer,
the feeling becomes more intense -
it's me.
When you feel tenderness,
and your heart beat deep -
it's me.
When you feel the thrill in your hand,
or it goes lighter,
and the mind cares you away -
it's me.
When your thoughts wander,
and you hear the friends no more,
or everything fades away in a void -
it's me.
When you have a desire,
and dream of the love you need -
it's me.
When you are quiet and listen,
and perceive the whisper of love;
when you are still and listen,
and heed your heart's call -
it's me.

Mon cher, mon amour

Mon cher, mon amour,
mon rêve et la satisfaction,
tu viens à moi et chantes une chanson.

Mon ami, mon inspiration,
une brise tiède et un mirage,
tu viens à moi à tout temps.

Mon gentil apparition d'un désir tellement obsolète,
une douce rafale d'un délaissé désir vif,
tu viens à moi et voles ma coeur.

My dear, my love

My dear, my love,
my dream and satisfaction,
You come to me and sing a song.

My friend, my inspiration,
a warm breeze and a mirage,
you come to me at any time.

My sweet guise of a desire so obsolete,
a gentle burst of forlorn pining,
you come to me and steal my heart.

My thought

My most precious thought of them all,
My wonderful and most wanted of them all,
My beloved, my essence, my joy,
you come to me and you go.

You love me, spoil me, encourage me;
You give me hope of bright future,
green meadows, sunshine and skyline -
You of them all, my most precious.

My most cherished, treasured of them all,
My rock in despair, my sprout of life,
You come to me and you go;
you bring most delight, rejoice and excitement of them all!


Painting aching babbling
axing basting basing

Blitzing ailing bailing
begging bending belting

Blabbing bleeping bleating
blotting blobbing plotting

Blowing plowing clinking
making faking being

Can you hear

Relax, be quiet! Can you hear?
The future has begun. Now and here.
Relax, be quiet! Stay calm!
The closure has outgunned you mere.

The thrill of the past is gone.
The frill of the present is withdrawn.
The feeling is there no more.
The sense is dead-on.

A simple exclaim of desire.
An innocent outcry of a soul on fire.
A basic need to admire and acquire
the essential neccessity of attire.

In a battle of the moral, striving for
a fertile, gradual upheaval,
comes the hour to cuddle and gracefully
to dapple the heavenly bridle.

Relax, be calm! Take the rein in hand!
Keep it straight and be sure in the offing.
In the time to come there will be an ordeal.
Of them all, you are to reveal the secrets

Of lands far and away, of the power and the force.
Of the magic and the mind, of the love and the compassion.
Don´t be scared! Your time will come!
You will be tender thunder of divine enclosure.

You disperse the darkness in the souls;
you diffuse the hope of life and ardour;
you shed the seeds of light and progress;
you effuse endearment and affection.

Relax, be quiet! Can you hear?
The future is here. The love and the beauty.
Relax, be quiet! Stay calm.
A new opportunity is eager to augur.

When you hear the call, don't go down and crawl.
Open the heart and accept the gift of the concept.
The fervour within is the torsion and the strength;
the zeal is the motion and the depth.

Mia mattina, miei pensieri
Mio piacere e timori
La mia compiacenza, luce e l'eccitazione

I miss you. Miss the feeling of love . . .

I miss you. Miss the feeling of love.
I feel you. Feel you thinking of me.
I see you. See the wonder in your eyes.
I love you. Love the love you have for me.

Blue eyes full of tears and hope,
two eyes anticipate a sheer vision of dove -
a promise of affection and warmth,
a prospect of tenderness and compassion.

I miss you. Miss the voice you have.
I feel you. Feel the promise you have.
I see you. See the acceptance and the desire.
I love you. Love the heart you have.

I write this to you . . .

I write this to you because you want me to woo you.
I write this to you because you want me to prove
my feelings to you, my affection,
my complete dedication and sincere devotion.

You want me to love you and want you;
you want me to spoil you.
You want me to accept you, to cherish you;
you want me to be yours.

I do this for you, for your soul.
I send this to you, to your heart,
to the brightness of nature so gentle,
to the calmness of man so vestal.

I know your pain. I understand.
I see your tears. I drink them up.
I see your eyes. I enthuse the spark.
I hear you whisper. I will talk up.

In this loneliness, in this life,
I will be your bright light.
In this desolation, this desert,
I will be your squall of hope.

I am here. I can hear you.
I am here, thinking of you.
I will be here, loving you.
I will be here besides you.

I write this to you because I sense you.
I write this to you in confirmation -
I will not hurt you nor ignore you;
I will not decline your most inner you.


The greatest gift of them all - to be me.
The blessing of life - the person I am,
my mentality, my spirit, my soul.

The eminence of this lifetime - I am,
my heart, my thoughts, my compassion.
The brightness of my sprightliness -
my love, my acceptance, my support.

I live in constant change and misunderstanding.
I cope with people's fears and narrow-mindedness.
In times of despair I call upon my strength.

I can see, feel and know. I can sense.
I stay calm; I am not afraid. I accept -
my destiny, my power, my endowment,
the weakness of the mass. I am a force.

Don't hide or seek another

Can someone explain to me the fear?!
Can you tell me why you fear?
Afraid of this life? Or the love perhaps?!
Of being a better person, or the progress?!

Can one elucidate the phenomenon of fright?
The state of narrow heart, the frightened mind?
The thrill of the unknown, or the future?
The shivers of the dark and dreaded creature

That lives in you and sucks out your individuality,
sips at your uniqueness and transforms you
spiritually into a dwarf, into a tiny-tiny pygmy?
Or is it perhaps your own desire to possess me?

Are you perhaps afraid of deep emotion
and a meaningful thought? Of the fire?
Is it possible that it is the terror
of going out the frame, breaking through?

Thereby, to experience the illumination
of admiration, devotion and success?
Or is it the pulsing blood in your veins
that burns in the flames of passion?

Is your timidity a result of weakness?
Or is it the majesty of an ardour so great
which overwhelms you in this very instant
that I am the very one you chose?

Can someone explain to me the faintheartedness?
The miracle of this encounter is the abundance
of tenderness and understanding, care and unity.
This is the whisper of affection and agape.

Don't run away; don't hide or seek another.
Your soul belongs to me - to my brightness,
to my compassion and devine endowment.
I make you feel firm, secure, brisk, alive!

Mon petit miracle mignon

Mon petit miracle mignon,
à fleures sur l'arête
de ma raison et mon désir.

Mon petite merveille doux,
tu taquines mes sens
et ensuite me laisses seul.

Tu joues avec mes sensations,
tu me mets sur feu
et tu me fais attends pour tu.

Si, la mia vita

Sì, sì, sì, la mia vita!
Io sono felice, soddisfatta.
Mi piace il sole, la nuvola, il vento;
mi rallegro della gioia del tuo sorriso.

Ti adoro, la mia vita!
Poiché della tua abbondanza
e l'amore che mi porti.
Mi piacciono il cielo azzurro e la sua promessa.

Ik word gevraagd

Ik word gevraagd of ik verliefd ben.
Over wie ik het heb als ik schrijf,
of wat betekent alles dat ik zeg.
Ik beantwoord dan zo: "Ik ben niet verliefd.

Ik heb het vermogen om te houden.
Het gaat over mensen, over leven,
over situaties en gesprekken.
Het is meestal zo: de ene over of
tegen wie ik schrijf weet het.

De rest kan gewoon even denken
en vinden de antwoorden in eigen geest.
Ik spel het verhaal niet woord bij woord,
ik creëer een wereld van spreekwoord.

Geniet van mijn vreugde, deel in mijn liefde.
Ik heb een groot hart. Gedachten genoeg.
Ik voel hem en jou, net als de rest.
Ik zie jullie inval, mentale vermogens.
In mijn borst kloppen miljoenen zielen."

Ik hoor vaak dat ik niet orthodox ben.
Of gewoon romantisch net als onconvetioneel.
Ik verneem jullie smart en angst in dit leven,
in dit maatschappij. En dan schenk ik liefde.

Tell me why you test me

Can you tell me why you test me?
What plans do you have with me?
Where do you want to take me?
What do you want me to do?

Want to see if I am worth the effort?
If I have content or a heart on the right place?
Do you want first to see if I have the capacity
to be your companion, wife or the shapeshifter

of our life together, the happiness in suspense?
Is it that you want me to give birth of children,
more special than your life itself?
If you could just tell me why it is that you test me.

I can hear you. I can feel you. I sense you.
You talk to me through your heart and vivid imagination.
I listen to your heart and percieve its desire.
I share the hope, join the feeling and wait.

Today I am quiet

I have nothing to say.
Today I am quiet.
Today I am tired.
I have nothing to share.
Now I feel empty.
Now I feel fusty.
I have nothing to give.
I have exhausted my heart.
I have spent my heartthrob.

Can you tell me

I don't know what you do,
but can you tell me?
I can feel you; I do.

I know when my feeling thickens, it's you.
I know when my heart beat crazy, it's you.

You say you're gone, but you're here.
I see you ogling from behind.
I can feel you anticipating, wishing.
I feel you keep distance, stay away.

And yet I can hear your whisper,
I can see your spirit, feel your affection.
I know your desires and fears.
I sense you all. I am in your soul.

You cannot escape me - I inspire.
You cannot forget me - I'm the ardour.
I intrigue you and confuse you,
I awaken your sensations.

You take my breath away
with the power of your inclination.
You take my mind away
with the vigour of your whim.

В той тишине

В той тишине где птицы поют
и деревья шевелют, я ищу себя.
В той большой тьме, где свет,
мое сердце остерегается от
волшебных могил и темных бредил.
Там где солнце заходит, где зенит,
моя душа ищет сокровищ велик.

Я и сама знаю, что не знаю.
Я ищу впустую свою пелену,
но там где в тишине ни птицы,
ни духи поют, я слышу творения
и в бешеной гонке к тебе иду.
Я словами спотыкаюс, запыхаюсь,
на обряды я свою тарелку берю.


I walk along the flourishing flowers
in a magical green grass;
my heart rejoice the tenderly fragrant lilac,
sense the sent of sweetness.
I love the wind - its force,
persistence, and vigour, the life,
the brightness of the sun, its warmth,
and incinerating power.

My creature is filled with the chirp
and the warble; my mind is at rest.
Buzzing of insects, whisper of leaves,
hum of a day - the murmur of present;
this is my joy, and my promise,
and my averment of another day.
I exult in my fondness of love,
in my affirmation of a light wight.

My heart

My heart is alive,
full of your love.
I feel with my heart
your thoughts, your heart.
My heart is pulsing
with your brightness,
your desire, your dream.
I feel happy with my heart.
I have light in my eyes;
my mind is awake;
I have light in my heart;
my life is complete.
I am pulsing with your vibe;
I feel your longing, your heart.
My heart is alive, happy
you exist, you persist
in your heart, in my heart.

Seeking you

I have turned the world over to find you.
I have searched the space to uncover you.
I have asked the Universe for answers.
I have received the signs to trace you.

I have found you. I have heard you.
Rejoicing in light, I feel you today .
I am pulsing with the rithm of your heartbeat.
I jubilate in bright vibe of sense and celabration.

I exalt life, ensky love, excite hearts.
I praise experience and exploring lust.
I belong to the realm of the silver line.
I was seeking a friend, you have found me.

A trace of signs

I leave a trace of signs behind me.
They are all around me.
I show you the way to solution.
A sense of sparkle and promise.
I awaken your desire, make you think.
You long the near future.
You love the touch of expectation;
you fly on the wings of affection.
You succeed, and feel the action.

I leave a trace of sparkles around me.
I live in a vibrant light.
My heart fraught with vivacious love
affects your tired soul.
I behold the secret and the answer;
I can give you what you want.
I can heal your broken nature,
and make you believe again.
In goodness, and love, in me, and my pure heart.

Аз съм тука, песен пея

Ден, облян в слънчева мъгла.
Песен, понесена от хиляди сърца.
И аз там, нейде в синевата,
рееща се като бляскъва звезда.

Аз съм тука, песен пея.
Тебе мисля, мене мъча.
Теб обичам, мен обричам.
На тоз живот, на тази среща.

Ден, облян в бляскъва тъма.
Звезден час на весели сърца.
Песен пея, тебе чакам.
Песен пея, щастие творя.

Рожден ден

Камбанен звън и веселба,
хиляда радостни сърца.
Среща в къща на баира,
музика, напев и свирня.

Теб празнувам, мой ден рожден,
теб възхвалям мой живот дарен.
Майка, татко аз обичам,
уважавам и почитам, на тях благодаря.

Ден рожден е днес у нас.
Гости, приятели, рода,
всички сме на сладостна софра.
Празник е във нашите сърца.

Хумористично стихотворение

Той помисли, че съм му награда.
Седна тежко на дивана
и на своя прът си се подпря.
Аз му сладки думи пея,
той се гизди и черви,
сладости предвкусва, мили думи ми реди.

Змей страхлив се той оказа.
Аз го гоня - той ми бяга.
Прътът му се изкриви
и не смее да го потопи.
Покри се под халата
и от чужда купа сърба.

Ах тези теготи сърдечни
по бастуна му крив -
де е ни да му се радваш,
ни да се подпреш, а гледаш
отдалече и в замая сладка
сама в соса си топиш.


Галантен, сладък момък се оказа.
Картини рисува, жени познава;
баба си обича, по лелки се увлича.

Със сини бисерни очи около мене се увива,
цигари си свива и мене изпива.
Аз го веселя, а той ме рисува.
Молив си остри, мене ме смята.
Облича, съблича, с мяра обрича,
през глава бяга, а мене завлича.

Художник и молив са като пръч и прът.
Платно опъва, мене нагъва.
Четката си топи - я радост, я сълзи дари.


Казват, че животът е мъчилище;
че мъките са радост, а тъгата е мяра.
Казват, че животът е чистилище;
че мъжете са свине, а жените мръсници.
Също казват, че животът е красив,
изпълнен с радост, любов и деца;
че щастието е мерило за сила
и постоянство на мисъл и вяра.

Животът е сладък и тежък,
прекрасен и проклинат.
Животът е дар за мнозина,
рай за сърца, мисли и слова.
Животът е сила неземна,
спомен от отминали времена
на истинска мощ и чистота,
на знойна светлина и белота.

Живот е понятие многолико,
изпъстрено от много чеда -
на таз земя и в това измерение.
Живот е слово за реализация
на съкровени мечти и желания,
на възможности скрити дълбоко,
на лекота и достойна борба
за еволюция и духовен напредък.


Колко е мъжествен женственият мъж.
Тъй силен и уверен като нежно цвете.
С префинен маниер на изтъкан левент,
с твърда ръка на мека жена.

Туй нежно мъжленце се превърна в яко биченце.
Охранено вратленце на някога префинено момченце.
Това наперено ченге е някогашно талантливо детенце,
свирело на пиано, стихове редило и мама любило.

Та тъй ... таз изтънчена натура, крехка и мила,
се превърнала в дива сила, огоена, споделена
и милото дете бе изядено на чеверме; полиция дойде
и делото превзе - с ярка сила изнежеността отне.


Мъничка сълза се стича.
В бисерна роса се облича.
Тихи слова се ронят -
големи дела се оформят.

В избата на хладина
сърцето се калява.
В ярката дива река
страстта се охладнява.

Мъничка сълза се стича -
две очи ги преоблича.
Дарява мир и тишина
на необузданата душа.

Laugh, my child

Laugh, my child. Enjoy the sky!
Follow your heart, listen to it.
The call of life is within.
The vibe of love is all around.

Create, evolve, progress!
Spread the seed of love,
the word of heart and peace.
Stay fine and kind!

Laugh, my child. Rejoice in light!
Believe the whisper of your thought,
follow the path of the pure soul.
Preserve the brightness of creation!

Ода на отеления вол

Ах, каква изненада!
Тези дни ми се отели волът.
Аз уж без грижи, без забави,
през глава под юргана,
крих се от света.
Чувах аз мучене,
грохотно бумтене,
но сърцето ми не даде
в теготата да надзърна
и поука да си извлека.
Че мълчанието е злато,
знанието - пари;
че слънцето изгаря,
а сянката тежи.

Чувах аз мучене,
грохотно бумтене.
И сърцето ми в помая
спря да тупти.
Словата пресъхнаха.
В полята безплодни
посяти, изсъхнаха,
съвсем подсъхнаха.
Мисълта ми се сопна
и гордо отсече
"Край! Аз се
отказвам да мисля.
Намери си друг покой,
свой собствен конвой."
Дните се занизаха,
времето засече
и животът замръзна
в позната картина
на повторения и тъга,
омразна забрава и самота.

Ухайни цветя

Ухайни цветя, разпръснати из полята на мойта душа,
родени в светлина, силни и мили.
Вие сте пъстротата на моята същност,
надежда и опора в сивотата на дните.

Ухайни цветя, деца на моята душа,
нежни творения на добра топлина,
вие красите живите ми мисли
и стопляте мене със свойта добрина.

Прекрасни ухайни цветя, плод на благостта,
вие дарявате искрица сърдечност, мир и покой
на моята изстрадала окаяно опърпана душа.
Вие сте дар на божествеността, на милостта.

Sweet words

Sweet words, gushed from
the depths of my creature.
Sweet words, bright pearls
from the world of light.
Words of love and pleasure,
words of purity and might.
You are my salvation,
you are my most precious
path to the golden sphere.
Words of power, words of me,
words of secret and liberty.
А whisper, a divine thread.
Sweet words of calm and ease,
sacred words of majesty.

* * * * *

Ik word gevraagd zo vaak over alles.
Over het leven, over mezelf.
Ik word gekeken zo vaak door iedereen.
Door mensen en dieren, door mezelf.

Ik ben mezelf soms niet. Ik ben op zoek.
Op zoek naar mijn hart en mijn gedachten.
Op weg naar mijn innerlijke mezelf.
Onderweg naar mijn echte, eerlijke 'ik'.

Ik verdwijn af en toe van de wereld.
Een wereld van chaos en angst.
Ik verdwijn voor de ogen van de naasten.
Ik word een met mezelf, met het leven.

Ik houd. Houd van de mogelijkheden.
Ik verlang. Verlang naar de reinheid.
Naar het zachte en tedere gevoel van
nu, hier, ik ben, liefde, onbegrensdheid.

My secret

My heart is my secret. My power.
My heart is my youth. My might.
My heart is my purity. My salvation.
My heart is a gift to me. To you.

I am happy within. I am strong.
I am in harmony with my heart.
My puls is my life beat. Me.
My secret is my strength. A heart.

A gift and blessing is all I need.
A life in bright satisfaction, and
a pure joy of here and now, a smile.
I rejoice in love. I love in heart.