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I'm falling over and over again in love with Jesus Christ Superstar (1973). I remember the first time I saw the movie. Being a little child, it was the most horrible thing I had ever seen. At the time, I could not imagine or understand, for what it matters, what the adults found in it. I recall me murmuring for watching the rock opera. Later, in my teen years, I rediscovered it and ever since it is my (I could say) big love. The text is amazing, the music is great, and the actors are just like a gift of life - I have never heard or seen a better performance than the one in the movie (qua voice). Yes, the sound in a movie is easy to manipulate in contrast to a live performance where it is not really possible; but yet the movie (J.Chr.S/star) is like a magical gift of art, of creative, composite and yet all too human force.