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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Godzilla Through The Looking Glass Destroyed By "Name" by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 20th April 2014

The Cristian Family November 2006

Godzilla Through The Looking Glass
Destroyed By "Name"

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

20th April 2014

This article shows how duality is a fantastic piece of Satanic/Freemasonic Psyop Programming and how "Name" is used to turn you into Godzilla the robot.
Note: Refer to the sequential order listing a series of Love For Life videos, articles, debates that together provide the big-picture we see/sense. All the articles, etc, are different windows on the big-picture to help people learn to be able to zoom in on something and recognise the spells so that they don't fall for them. We don't write to cast spells; our writing is about freeing our lives from the spells. We are not spellers and we are not about creating cults or followers because, while we follow, we are still fallen MAN, still slaves looking for someone else to tell us how to think, feel and act. For us to co-create Paradise together, we all need to stand on our own two feet, coming together out of strength rather than weakness.
We cover a lot of the same ground from different angles because what we write is not to be found in any books or writings of "The System". Much of what we say sounds extreme if you are not familiar with the big-picture of what is going on across Earth to keep us enslaved and thinking we are powerless, which is why we suggest going through our work in the order provided so you comprehend fully what we are saying.
We refer to many themes in this post that we cover in greater detail in previous posts so, if you come across something that is not clear, you can most likely find further explanation in other posts, particularly those written this year. What we cover really clearly here is the "name" and how the "name" is used to keep us spell-bound and oblivious to what is being done to us. Those behind "The System" are very clever in the way they weave their spells to keep you hooked, even if you think you are on the way to freedom. They are masters of distraction and disguise and masters of reaction to trauma.
If you think that there is too much reading and watching, just think of all the hours and hours and hours you have spent being brainwashed. Just about every hour that you were not asleep. If you want freedom, you are going to have to put in a bit of effort to counteract that brainwashing and learn to recognise the brainwashing tactics that have been used against you for so long, otherwise you will keep being brainwashed! What price freedom?
The Love For Life work is the result of many years of contemplating, discussing, researching, debating, arguing, putting all beliefs to the test and using logic and scrutiny to work things out. In doing this, we have unravelled the secrets that they do not tell you in books that only offer you red-herrings. We have not come across anyone who has been able to debunk this work and prove to us that what we are saying is wrong. People may not agree with us, or may have beliefs that make them unable to accept what we are saying, but no one has been able to show us logically and clearly that we are on the wrong track.
If you are not on the Love For Life Website reading this, go to the Godzilla Through The Looking Glass Destroyed By "Name" article on the website here: and just scroll down. Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life



So why do we keep putting the effort into putting stuff on the internet and discussing and debating instead of putting our energy into becoming more physically free of "The System"? Because, even if we find a lovely piece of land and work towards getting self sufficient as a family, we are still at risk from all the system lackeys who will no doubt be sent around to round up evil doers like us who attempt to live without "The System" as the overt control methods come to the fore, which is very likely to happen sometime within the next 5 years, more than likely, less than two years. Until we get together to break away from "The System" in large numbers so that we can withstand the force of "The System" should it arrive, we do not have peace, freedom and security.
This is why we do what we do; to stop the man-made darkness that is the spell-binding destruction created by Godzilla Drones swarming over all the lands to kill everyone doing trying to break away according to the program they operate from. To them, those who reject them and their services are domestic terrorists, just like the Bundy family in Nevada?
They already have the "22nd century" technology in place to find anyone, anywhere quickly and easily and they are just polishing their technology, honing the fine details of their NWO plans and all the preparations for their invasions in place, all the while keeping billions distracted through their tens of thousands of INTEL shepherds, so that they are ready to go to war against us under the guise of whatever excuse they put out, whether invasion by China, aliens, civil/social war, economic collapse, environmental disasters, etc, etc.
Bar forcing them to process the curses of their "own" making, there is nowhere any of us can escape from their technology. They have laser beams, Reagan Star Wars Laser Satellites, Drones, High-Energy Pulses Directed Digitally, HAARP, highly-toxic/radioactive Enriched Uranium amongst many many other nasties, released in the wind, water, etc, One million Chinese Army under their complete control........ to mention just a few amongst the many other forms of highly destructive technology and man-power at their disposal.
We live to break down the reincarnation of Rome/Babylon/Egypt/Greece/etc "The System" and put a final end to this madness so that we can all live freely on the land knowing that there is no one to bring in the bulldozers and the guns. We've clearly explained everything about this and the tactics we apply. If we don't succeed, no one out there living on the land (truly out of "The System", not system shepherds claiming to be showing the way) will be around to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour down-the-line.
Our victory (their war against us, not ours) comes from inspiring white and blue collar workers to flee "The System" in massive droves as the consciousness of "community immunity" which is at the very heart of "The Steps Of Kindom" spreads and spreads. What inspires them to flee? Waking up to the tactics being used against them that turn them into slaves and robots and there are no winners in any of this. These are the tactics that we reveal.
The awakening needs to be amongst the congregations of people living in cities and large suburban satellite centers/towns all around-us. This is why, since 2005, we have persisted sharing the many many Love For Life insights we work with to evoke a real major shift in consciousness (not the premeditated/engineered Intel version of one), otherwise we are all stuffed. There is much more to all this and its all clearly written out in the remedy section of our work.


Reflections And Shadows

Can the reflection of you in the mirror talk freely with you of its own free will? Of course not, it's ONLY a reflection of an image bouncing to and fro like an echo between your ears (so to speak). In most instances, the mirror has been created by someone else, so the images bouncing back to you through the mirror are the IMAGE POWER of the inventor of the mirror entering inside your brain with the intention to cause you to mess with your "own" head, with your "own" real-life.
This happens because you have been trained to re-present (act/perform on behalf of) the character/characters/images ("names") being reflected inside your brain causing you to talk ONLY to your "self" because no one else in "name" is there in this performance bar YOU. All the other characters/images of "name" and all the information they contain DO NOT EXIST, ARE NOT REAL, ARE FAKE.
Your shadow is NOT YOU, but you were trained to believe that it is you.
Can your shadow talk to you of its own free-will?
Does your shadow have free-will to be able to set its "own" image/life into motion?
NO, and it never will.
The images of your shadow were implanted in your brain to trap you into performing for it.
This is the true "state" of MADNESS.
Does the "name" on your drivers licence, car registration, birth certificate, passport, credit card, bank account, telephone-internet-gas-power bill, lease/mortgage, tax file number, etc, etc, have free-will? Is it able to set its own life, tongue, legs, arms, hands, head, etc, into motion without you having to act on behalf of it?
Can we talk to your drivers licence "name" and experience your drivers license "name" talking freely to us of its "own" free-will without you ever having to perform on behalf of this "name", your drivers licence?
Of course not! It can't because it, the "name", does not exist, it is all make-believe - you are just pretending that "name" is real.
(Watch the video "Under The Spell Of Intellectual Property"
The "name" on your drivers licence is your shadow, your reflection; it is not who you really are. You were just educated to believe that it is you. This is a massive LIE. The Original Maker of this deception conned you, through the clever "craft" and "practise" of IMAGE POWER, into inviting his demonic presence into your life, into your brain, to be the chit-chat echoes of "name" bouncing to and fro between your ears so that he can program you through "name", entertain you through "name", hijack you through "name", kidnap you through "name", possess you through "name", control you through "name" and have complete power over you through "name" and thus turn you into his slave/drone/robot forevermore, unless you wake up to what "name" really is before it is too late.
(Read and watch the video and article on "IMAGE POWER" and


We Don't Need A "Name"

When we are conscious, we do not need names because we already know who we are and who each other is; we can sense each other instantly, grasping the essence of each other and the intentions of each other. Our senses are not shadows (fiction) because they are present with the presence of our life, which is why we can sense with them in present-sense. But we cannot sense with the reflections in the mirror. The "name" is a reflection, our senses are not a shadow. Who we really are can be touched, tasted, seen, heard, smelt and felt in present-sense but we can't do this with the reflection of "name".
Nothing in nature needs a "name" because it already is what it is in present-sense and can be sensed by sensory-life all-around. Every dog learns the smell of another dog - they do not need to talk in read and write alphabet languages to comprehend each other. We think dogs are dumber than us when the fact is that they can gain a massive amount of information about us with one sniff while we are just thinking, "Brown dog." Who is the smart one here?


"Name" On "Birth Certificate"

By accepting the "name" on your birth certificate, you have permitted who you really are to be possessed by a powerful demon, the "name".
(Read "Slave To A Name": for more on this)
But it gets far far far far far far far far far worse than this; all the images, stories, dramas, entertainments, interests and habits bouncing to and fro between your ears, the chit-chat, belongs to the shadow of the "name" you believe you "own" too, that is your reflection in the mirror.
They have nothing to do with YOU, the living MAN.
This is how the Original Maker, your master, your false-idol-God, has invaded you between your ears to dominate you through "name" so that you manufacture a make-believe world for him, in his image, in his "name" of many, many "names". As his non-sensory images of "names" form the reflections you cast (bounce between your ears), they become the physical performance of an external world of many, many "names" where you act as the programmed slave ("NAME") carrying out all the informative tasks of your master's make-believe existence of many, many "names, IN HIS "NAME".
This world you work for is "The System" and its "name", of many, many "names", is HELL, a man-made hell. The intention being that your master, the maker of your "name", wants to keep you forever lost in the performance of his wondrous storytelling images (shadows/reflections) of "name" forevermore.
AND what is important to remember is this...... never does he or anything he invented as "name" exist between your ears or exist all around you in Nature/Earth. The ONLY one who exists that is real is YOU, and you are just lost in the fake-performance of a "name" you believe you are that is enjoindered to a make-believe world of "names" that are just storytelling images forming a make-believe fantasy-play. And in performing "name" since you and everyone else started acting on behalf of "name", we have been continually giving him IMMENSE POWER to rule us and everyone else trapped by his clever "names" of deceptions.


Bombarded By "Names"

EVERYTHING coming at you through the "names" of TV, Internet, Newspapers, Hollywood, Advertising, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosques, Governments, Court Rooms/Houses, Banks, Institutions, etc, etc, are "names" designed by the Original Maker of "The System" to distract you from the sensory-reality that you are really part of that is Earth/Nature, so that you forget who you really are as MAN. Stupidly, we've been trained to stop using our senses, to no longer make sense through our senses (touch, taste, feel, smell, hear, see). Generation after generation, since this "name" madness began, Servants/Worshippers of the Original Maker of "The System" have been throwing everything of "name" at you, using the "names" of education, politics, economics, commerce, government, aristocracy, monarchy, science, big-business, law, etc, etc, with all the dramas unfolding out of these "names", to keep your brain completely distracted and therefore lost in a 'state" of amnesia, and there you remain lost and rotting while you continue setting into motion the IMAGE POWER of these storytelling shadows of "names", implanted in your head.
This is a blatant sign of you being hijacked from who you really are. You are now a prisoner to the images of "names" you perform between your ears - NO ONE ELSE IS THERE BAR YOU.
HELL-LOW, anyone home ("names") - anyone there ("names")?
This is how LIES / beLIEf systems ("names") are constructed.
This is fantasy, illusion and a "state of "delusion".
This is Psyops Programming at its best.
They teach us to disconnect from our senses and just rely upon the echoes of thoughts implanted between our ears and to follow these reflections for our whole-life-time. This is now Dorothy down the Yellow Brick Road under the power of the Wizard of Oz, this is now Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass under the power of the maker of the mirror (the fantasy), because you are now worshipping the intellect, the images of the men and women you have allowed to take power and control over you. None of this is real. You are lost in fantasy, in play. While we continue to do this, we are destroying everything that is sensory, including who we really are because we have lost connection with our senses.
We are now Godzilla.
The echoes of thoughts bouncing to and fro between our ears are all Reactions To Trauma = The Pull Of E-Motion = Ecclesiastical Motion/Instruction/Program.
(Read this post "The Pull Of E-Motion"


A Zombie World

Can anything you read or watch on TV, Hollywood, etc ("names"), interact with you freely of its "own" free-will? NO, while you read and watch only you can act on behalf of whatever characters/images (shadows/reflections) of "names" are forming in the imagination of your fantasy-PLAY going on between your ears, and, while you continue to remember these reflections of "names," they continue being recalled to bounce to and fro between your ears until your physical body is dead.
This is the cream of Psyops Programming!
This is all the chit-chat of "names" going on in the back of your head acting like a constant white-noise to block out who you really are from ever having a direct experience with who you really are and what you are really part of.
Without "name", "The System" of "names" cannot be.
This shadow world (reflections of "name") is where EVERYONE is being trapped.
These reflections are the image power (thoughts, ideas, e-motions, etc) crafted by other men and women to con all of us to fall into and act in their wonderland as the "name" of Alice through their looking glass (reflections of many, many "names" that form "The System").
Can the "names" of Democracy, Constitution, Rule Of Law, The White House, Government, Democrat, Republican, Labour Liberal, Church, Christian, Jew, Synagogue, Muslim, Mosque, Buddhist, Temple, Bank, Federal Reserve, Money, Commerce, Insurance, Stock Market, Alien, UFO, Higher Being/Power, Astrology, Numerology, Alphabet, Mathematics, Geometry, etc, etc (basically everything of "The System"), exist without MAN lost to "names" to perform in "name", for "name"?


The Making Of Godzilla

Through very clever brainwashing techniques called education, you were trained to "spell" "name" out of the many "names" of alphabet letters and numbers so that you can fall under the "spells" of many, many, many "names" that are these non-sensory images/characters bouncing to and fro between your ears. These spells are the reflections, the shadows that turn you into Alice, Dorothy and Godzilla because they train you to act in fantasy using your imagination.
Duality is a fantastic Psyop Program invented by con-artists. Duality is you, and the reflection of you, but the Psyop Programme uses the "name", the reflection, as you. They tell you that the reflection is you until you accept that the reflection is you and start living for your reflection in "The System". If you show a baby his mother's drivers licence, does the baby think that the licence is his mother? Of course not! The licence doesn't look, smell, sound, taste or feel anything like his mother!
This shows you just how much psychological programming has to be done on you for you to think that the reflection is you. They place images in your head to get you to perform on behalf of these shadows ("names") so that you will fall into these images of "name" to be the robot-drone they intended for you to be.
If we weren't told anything about the shadow, we wouldn't even think it had anything to do with us, or was us. We would not be "reflecting" on it! This is the "All Seeing Eye" which we have written so much about.
(Watch OPPT & Slavery Through Intellectual Conscription By Deceit" Part One: Part Two: Part Three: and read "Image Power - The Nefarious Tactics Used To Disguise Truth And Distract Us From Remedy" and "The Pull Of E-Motion"



It is their Easter Sunday as we write, their celebration of death to MAN, of the take over of the reflections. The crucifixion and the resurrection. We have a MAN strung up on a cross, nails through his feet and hands, slowly asphyxiating as he can no longer support his weight, a crown of thorns upon his head, blood pouring down his face and a severely tortured body. And they tell us that his father, the Almighty God of love, wants and accepts this act of horror? What all loving God would dream for MAN to be crucified in his "name"?
What are they really telling us?
Is it the symbol of the MAN we all are being crucified so that the reflection of "name" (the holy breath) can take over? In the name of Christ and the Holy Church (The Freemasonic/Satanic Bloodline Families), church lackeys conducted hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of horrific terror campaigns against tribes of MAN all over Earth, including invasion, rape, pillage, plunder, humiliation, ritual torture and sacrifice, abuse, ridicule and slavery. Hundreds of millions of Tribal MAN died under Freemasonic/Satanic instructions.
The crucifixion is a symbol of duality and the alpha and the omega, the yin and the yang. The up and down of the cross is duality; as above (as in heaven) - so below (as on Earth). Under the "spells", MAN is transfixed (nailed) to duality. The heaven is the IMAGE POWER of the Freemasonic/Satanic world and Earth is the Freemasonic/Satanic worlds IMAGE POWER ruling MAN on Earth.
The left and right in the cross, the alpha and the omega, the yin and the yang, is the self-fulfilling-prophecy/"time-code" projected plan, the intention of their founding father's dream to capture and control the whole of the dream of life that is Earth, Nature and all celestial bodies/space with his IMAGE POWER. There is nowhere the Freemasonic/Satanic world's IMAGE POWER is not and this is the goal that is the New World Order. That is their plan and why they are attempting to conquer the whole of Earth.
(For more on this read "His-Story/Her-Story" and the other posts found in this webpage:
"The Crown" of Thorns around the MANS head is re-presenting the almighty IMAGE POWER of the Freemasonic/Satanic world (both "The Crown" in Britain/London and the highest Priesthoods behind "The Church"- read "His-Story/Her-Story") controlling the head (life) of MAN. This represents all the demonic "intellectual property" (holy ghosts) they force upon you through brainwashing-education.
The head bowed down is both MAN falling from grace (forgetting who MAN really is and what MAN is really part of) and MAN under-the-standing of the almighty power of the Freemasonic/Satanic world. MAN has fallen from reality, has died. MAN is dead (living-dead) and MAN has lost freedom becoming a slave, robot, drone, replaced by "name", the egos and the "self" that are all the demons (holy ghosts) we invite into us the moment we accept "name"/"names".
We are taught that this MAN nailed to the cross has come to save us, that he died for our sins*, but this symbol clearly tells us that he has come to destroy all of us (MAN) through their priests, their image power and their all encompassing New World Order that is the next version of "The System".
(*read & watch "The "Name" Is The Mark Of The Beast - The Strawman Identifying Your Slave Status In "The System" - "Image Power - The Nefarious Tactics Used To Disguise Truth And Distract Us From Remedy" - "The Pull Of E-Motion" - "Processing Curses - A Lie Is A Curse - Liars Process Curses" - "IMAGE POWER - Superb Diamond Range Interview"


In Plain Sight

Let's have a look at some of the rituals of the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church.
What is the Communion? A mass of people coming together to commune with their God, in this case, "The System", the almighty power-base of the Freemasonic/Satanic world under the name of a re-legion. A legion of soldiers for Christ who will have conflicts with other re-legions because they are all under the image-power of "name", an occultic force. Just as the Democrats and Republicans are re-legions under force of "name", as are Americans and Australians.
In the ritual of communion, you accept the body of Christ into your body, accepting the integration of the Holy Ghost (demon) with you and the power of the Holy Breath (demon) over you, thus accepting the demons through the water of our breath. Baptism is the same; you are baptised in the water of your breath because all water comes from our breath and all water is created by MAN with our thoughts, feelings and intentions encoded/embodied in every breath. This is what they use against us. Living-Creator in present-sense breathed water into the dream of life to give life to everything. In their baptism, their demons (holy ghosts) are breathed into us.
(Watch videos "Dream Of Life Part One" and Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath)"
The Rapture symbolises the remodelling of the Holy Breath into the NWO. It has nothing to do with Heaven and leaving all our "sins" behind. All this happens ONLY in "The System", here on Earth. You will not find any of this stuff going on anywhere else because there is nowhere else. The true creator is (in) the wind, and the rain and the rocks, in everything living of the dream of life. The worst thing that has been done to us is to teach us to stop focusing on the information of Living-Creator found all through nature/creation and instead to focus on system information (system thought) through their education - this is how they get to us and this is why they invaded all the lands everywhere to defeat our ancestors and bring in their books and education of image-power to enslave the descendants of their captives. None of it existed before then.
The Resurrection is the resurrection of "name" (the saved/the new-born) in the "name" of Jesus, the Almighty. They crucify you through their education, just as they decimated the tribes and "resurrected" the children of the tribes in the "name" of their Holy Ghost (demon), their Holy Breath (setting demons into motion that posses you) and their religions, all in the "name" of the Almighty. But the Almighty is a man-made construct, a reflection, a duality concept. We are "saved" under the "name' of a reflection. We have been conned. All "name", "name", "name", showing you clearly their blueprint. Those "saved" are still under "The System", under the almighty power of the Freemasonic/Satanic world; there is no resurrection or rapture that includes people leaving "The System" to NO SYSTEM (a mass exodus) forevermore, to return to co-creation with nature and freedom.
When they conquered the lands, they divided the land into Parish Lands and put a church in every parish and a priest in every church to deal with the sinners, soldiers to their outposts, carrying the re-legion flag, the re-legion of their Almighty Image Power. In Sydney, at the start of the commercial year (of business - of processing curses), before the opening of the Supreme Court, the Judges go to St Mary's Cathedral to be blessed by the priests. Doesn't this show us who is really in power and whose rule of law it is? This is the ancient black magic practices of Egypt and nothing has changed; they have just adapted and adapted their systems of duality to keep us enchanted and trapped.
All that can happen to relieve us of our sins is for us to learn from each other about how we are "sinning", to help each other deal with our system trauma and to let go of our system habits and addictions. No one can wipe the slate clean for us. We have free will and that cannot be invalidated. No MAN is supposed to be in/under the image (power) of another MAN. When you surrender to their Almighty God, you become the host to the demon of that God while you sacrifice the living-MAN that you really are to be under their Almighty Image Power.


Behind The Masks

Who are these people, these men and women using image power to control you through duality constructs that trap you in their shadows and reflections? How clever are they to keep adding to the constructs on offer so when we get tired of one, there are plenty more for us to choose from? If you break away from religion, they give you punk, New Ager, stockholder, political activist, footy fan, housewife, trivia expert, environmentalist..... there is no end to the list of choices to keep us focused on and trapped in "The System", no end of images for us to fall for.
Even though they appear to have all the power, the Priests are slaves too. They were once babies, innocent and loving, who were brainwashed and trained for the roles they play today. They have to work overtime to maintain the spells of the Freemasonic/Satanic world they have given oaths to, having to keep inventing new spells and stamping out any outbreaks of truth. As the lie of Religion/The Church wears thin, they have to invent another lie. They are slaves, all restless.
When we are MAN, we are at peace because we are home. We know who we really are. All demons are restless because they have no natural home, no natural purpose for the dream of life, only the hosts that we are while we are possessed by them, and we are restless because of our possesSION/possesZION. The Priests are also the hosts of these demons and are also in fear of each other, as they turn against each other and sacrifice each other's public standing and even lives for the bigger picture of the New World Order.
They have to create conflict between MAN and MAN and the conflict they create becomes the relationships between them too. Everyone has been got at; Arthur's father and mother were got at by the Priests of the Greek Church, and the Priests were got at by their superiors. No one is free in "The System"; we are all slaves hosting demons, including the Black Magic Warlocks and Witches. Like us, they have no sanctuary and no peace.
They are behind every religion and everything of "name" in "The System". They and all their Brethren (The Invocators Of Demons/Holy Breath) have created everything throughout their read and write his-story/her-story and everything that they have created is for the purposes of gaining power and control over MAN.
Two or so years ago Arthur caught one of them, a living-sensory MAN in business clothing outside an office, trying to get into his thoughts through the water of our breath as in remote viewing, remote projection, remote control. He feels that this Almighty-High-Priest was checking to see how the "spells" were working and what hold they still had on him, as well as seeking more information about who Arthur is, what his intentions/dreams/passion are. They don't want anyone to wake up from underneath their Image-Power because the word-of-mouth of insightful, direct-experience, of truth spreads and breaks the hold over everyone else, just as people are starting to really wake up all across Earth.


An Age Old Curse

In reference to this post, Terry Allen said on Facebook "today": "Interesting some of the Gnostics taught we are in Hell and that we are all dead. The reason they were persecuted and extinguished by Rome, was because they taught that in order to end the suffering we had to stop procreating. When I was younger, before having ever read the Gnostics I used to wonder if we are really all dead and is this hell."
This shows how long this problem has been known about and how long MAN has been trying to break away from the "holy-breath-spells" and also how long the Priests have been creating "spells" for us to fall into. Notice how they have hijacked the MAN who lived long ago and who talked about love, humility, and no system has been turned into system image power through the creation of the "name", Jesus, and how they have twisted the story of a simple MAN to get us lost in the story telling that keeps us trapped through the generations, creating their almighty power and control religions, far removed from the message of the great man who chided us for our greed and selfishness and apathy.
The Gnostics were simple people living amongst nature, not under the image power of another MAN. They knew that every MAN is sacred and that nature is sacred, created in the true image of Living-Creator. The level of brainwashing was less intensive then, with more overt power still in place. The Gnostics were tribal people, not educated under the "name" but, of course, their true-story has been hijacked too. They were warning people not to get sucked in and trying to protect all the children. We can't trust books because all books are written in the "name". The Gnostics were just men and women who saw the bullshit and tried to explain it, just as so many of us are doing today.
By the way the Go-Spell (gospel) is the Ghost Spell, the ghost being the demon that possesses those under its spell as intended by its maker. Go = setting into motion - we go to the spell to be ghosted (hooded/shrouded) by it as we set it into motion. The Ecclesiastical priests/servants of Satan call it the/their "Holy-Ghost". They revere their Holy Ghost because that is where they derive ALL their power from; the Holy Ghost is the multi millions of demons they craft out of black-magic, the demons being the hoods that cloak us. HOODS = BrotherHOOD, sisterHOOD, liveliHOOD, childHOOD, etc, etc. The HOOD is the demon, the "name".
When the "name" is "Christian", while the demon/holy-ghost maintains a power-grip over its victim, the drone acting under the demon/demonic "spell" of "Christian", carries out all the rituals/performances/slave-labour of the "name" Christian IN "THE SYSTEM" (not in nature which is part of no system). You don't go to Church or believe in the bible unless you are possessed by the "name" of "Christian". Possessed as in possesSION/possesZION. There are many, many, many "names" out there. The Holy Ghost works in many many wondrous and mysterious ways, so they say, but don't they mean the Holy Ghost goes under many, many wondrous and mysterious "names"? Almighty "names" such as JeZeus and Odin, etc, etc...................... All are at the center of "The System", Freemasonic/Satanic crafted civilisations as recorded across their his-story rooted in "time-codes".
There is no stairway to heaven where some have more exclusivity and privilege than others because of the "spell" they believe in. There are no special prizes for those who excel at learning intellectual property. Children already have it all; they don't need education, they need us to let nature bring them up.


Spelling The Spells

It's great to see the info we've been posting since 2005 (thanks to the wonderful help of a few men) is spreading far and wide and is being added to as it goes around and around...... Example of this 2005/2007 Love For Life work being expanded on...... (copied from FB wall).
"The first thing you learn when you go to school is how to spell. Words are spelled to create a sentence of terms. Think of a jail sentence or a prison term. The Wyrd sisters in Greek mythology were Fates or witches who controlled the fates of man. In our language we use curse words and cursive writing. We cuss and dis-cuss. Words have meaning and (are) mean things especially cross words. They can be used to make a point. We use a "con" verse to converse in order to keep us off course in our dis-course as a phrase frays. We use catch words. A story is a spiel or a spell. It is all part of the gospel of the Godspell or God's spell."



Name (in reverse) = e-man
E = ecclesiastical
E-man = Ecclesiastical man - a hue-man - a fallen man - their type of man = slave, drone, robot, commoner, serf, goi/goy, strawman, person, etc....
Hue = a shade or colour or type of MAN but is NOT MAN.
We are NOT a HUEman - we are MAN.


Deconstructing The Jesus Spell

- from a recent Facebook Posting
Let's say Jesus comes to Earth re-presenting the "Son Of God", the God of unconditional Love that is ALL the virtues of Love set into motion in present-sense. The virtues of love are compassion, empathy, trust, gentleness, kindness, sincerity, purity in intention, nurturing, do-no-harm, peace, freedom, truth, joy, abundance, no loss of uniqueness/originality, team-playing, equality, fairness, justice (not just-us), no slaves and rulers, no hijacking of free-will, unconditional support, certainty, etc, etc, etc, etc, and FULL-responsibility/liability (that is what the word "God" means to us) for everything we think, feel and do.
How will this Jesus, this FULL-embodiment of God, show up to be in every day practical-sense without sabotaging or undermining ANY of the virtues of unconditional love that re-present God's almighty glory? Unconditional love is true freedom, is the embodiment of free will. There is no free will when love and life is conditional. This is not free will.
How can a Jesus/JeZeus come and wave a magic wand to right all our sins without completely invalidating our freewill?
If this is what we hope for and accept, we are saying that our almighty, all loving God is conditional, is less than love and wants us to be less than God, less powerful, less conscious, less loving than God, preferring to keep us as puppets on a string, slaves to God, sucking on the nipples of God like weaklings, incapable of standing on our two feet, in-valids. 
This means that we have all been invalidated from the moment of our creation.
What kind of God is this?
And just how pleased is Jesus going to be when he realises that he died in vain because we are causing even more havoc to Earth that God created from unconditional love than before, and that we are so greedy and selfish we would rather destroy everything, including our bodies and who we really are than do something about the destruction we are causing? Is this not sinning?
We would rather eat chocolate and Maccas, smoke, drink and take drugs, build filthy factories that spew out poison and indulge in shadow, reflection thoughts than clean up our harm doing, lying thoughts, feelings, actions and Earth.
All the parents we've met over the years ALL dream for their children to do better than them. This is a natural sign of the Almighty virtues of unconditional, unselfish love at play here! What about the Almighty God ----- do you think that the Almighty God of unconditional love would dream for "his" children to be always less than him, never to be as great as "God", or do you think a God of unconditional love would dream for his children to be greater than even God? Again, all the signs of the virtues of love at play.
Isn't it obvious that the full-responsibility for setting all the virtues of unconditional love into motion rests with each of us equally and that where we go with our use or abuse of our free-will will determine the outcome of our lives and that GOD and his family WILL NEVER interfere in the affairs of MAN because GOD gave MAN free-will?
Isn't it obvious that no MAN coming from the Almighty God would die for your sins because, in doing so, he would be wiping out all your free will? Any priest who invites you to be saved by Jesus is actually inviting you to be possessed by the Holy Ghost, meaning to put your life under the power of the Freemasonic/Satanic black magic that has been messing with your head. Where in nature can you learn all this?
When people pray in the name of Jesus, they are praying for all these overlords to take control of your life. Wasn't it all the Knight's Templars that started the "benevolent" charities to "help" the poor and afflicted? Isn't it the lower, show-pony levels of the Freemasonic Orders that are the Rotary Clubs and The Lions Clubs that do so much benevolent work in "The System", just to keep you conned into thinking that there is something good there, keeping you under the power of the Holy Ghost and in communion with the Holy Ghost, which is what this is all about?
Now let us ask you the question.
How is Jesus going to show up for you?
Is this Jesus Christ of yours going to interfere in our affairs?
Is he going to encourage you to live in the shadows of system thought that we have clearly explained to you, or do you think it is possible that this Jesus will come as a simple man, just like the rest of us to show the way, through walk-the-talk remedy, out of this mess without invalidating any of the virtues of love, of unconditional love?
Wouldn't this Jesus come as a team player, never claiming higher ground? In which case, are we not all Jesus because we are simple men and women who can get together to help each other how to change our lives so that we no longer have to keep living our mistakes?


Falling For The Illusions

Do the characters in Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Godfather, Avatar, Wizard Of Oz, The Bible, The Torah, The Talmud, The Bhagavad Gitas, The Hunger Games, and all other religious and fictional books and movies exist?
They are not in the room, park, theatre, cinema, beach, forest, bedroom, sitting room, back-yard, balcony, verandah or office where you are presently sitting, reading or watching. 

They are NOT there. The presence of their lives is not present to you in present-sense - you cannot sense them because there is nothing living to sense!
They are not what is relevant to you in your real life and they are not your original dreams for your life. They are the dreams of others that have been forced upon you for you to give up who you really are to live in these Wonderlands. You did not create them. MAN is created to be a unique/original MAN but we have been forced to give that up, thanks to the holy-breath. When they get us lost in these Wonderlands, we become Democrat, Republican, Anarchist, Christian, German, etc, but this is all in the "name".
Because they want us to stay lost wandering through their Wonderlands, they give us lots of scandal to keep us enthralled and appalled; the Great Barrier Reef is being deliberately poisoned, Dick Cheney is a paedophile and mind-control programmer, Miley Cyrus is practically having sex on stage, thousands of hectares upon hectares of rainforest are being destroyed just so that we can feed our meat addiction, air pollution in Mexico City is so bad that they have smog ratings and warnings on the TV, Politicians are getting up to all sorts of mischief, several world leaders are actually shape-shifting reptilians, thousands of children going missing every year are being used for Satanic ritual sacrifices and sexual abuse.
All these stories and many, many, many, many more get us angry, outraged, e-motional, and up in arms but, all the while we are protesting about and trying to do something about these horrors, we are actually focusing on and giving our life-force energy to "The System" where all this is happening, instead of walking away to co-create lives where non of these outrages happen. Even researching what is happening in "The System" so that we can work out what has gone wrong is giving power to the "names" and to the conflict. We want to rescue everyone but, all the time we are doing it, we are the problem.
(read "Educated Slaves" - "The Only Path To Freedom - Beware The False Steps" - "Free-Dumb For All" - "Revoking The Ego"
Facebook, Twitter, the internet and all forms of media are keeping us embroiled, day after day, week after week, giving our power away to the "names" of all the suffering and corruption in the system. Do you really think that Facebook and other social media were created for our benefit? 

Remember that EVERYTHING of "The System" is about keeping us in "The System" of the Almighty.
What if we stop getting caught up in all the dramas, despite the real injustices, the suffering and abuse that is going on? What if we gave up listening to their story-telling, gave up using their banks, sending our children to their schools, using their goods and services, worshipping their re-legions (ligions), feeling their fear and acting out their divisions?
We have known the truth of this for years and the INTEL networks are doing everything possible to destroy us, kill us off, intimidate us and ridicule us in ways that do not bring attention to the fact that they are doing it. They try to steal our work (no respect/honour/credit where the insights came from), and twist it to fit into their NWO movements but that will not change what we have put out because we encourage people to work things out for themselves, not just to accept what we say so there are many men and women who have thought things through and come to similar conclusions to us. They can bump us off, but there are other men and women who will keep setting the dream of freedom into motion.
There is a lot of disinformation out there about us but they don't know how to hijack us and our work because too many people know about it. However, we are not resting on our laurels because we, and others, still have to inspire enough of us to pull out of this madness to create Do No Harm Communities/Kindoms where we live without "The System", weaning our lives off our addictions to "The System" and learning to use our senses again.


Lost In Wonderland

We are all lost in the "names" of mortgage, titles and deeds, surviving the story of the name to the mortgage, to the bank account, the electoral role, the Medicare card, the tax file number, surviving all this stuff that does not exist. We are crucified to the mortgage as they turn us into a type of MAN, a hue-man for their NWO.
Many of us have good hearts but do not have a dream to stop this crucifying process; we keep going to work, keep performing "The System", keep being the cogs in the wheels, too full of fear to stop this and do something else. We are crucifying each other, deeply traumatised as we slave to make sure we can go shopping, go to the footy, take our families on holiday, fit in with the mates and family and live "the system" dream.
Millions of us want to break away but we don't know how because we are too lost to their images, their Image Power to stop what we are doing. Are these images not just the shadows/reflections of "names" bouncing to and fro between your ears?
Do you fully comprehend what is happening to you?
Do the "names" and all the dramas of "names" associated with 9/11, Pearl Harbour, London Bombings 7/7, Waco, Jonestown Massacre, etc, etc, exist in your life? Are they relevant to your life?
Or are these "named" events programmed to mess with your head, through your "name", carried out through the Psyops Programming used via the "name" mediums of Internet, TV, Hollywood, Newspapers, Current Affairs, Advertising, Books, Magazines, Facebook and Emails to have you enjoindered to this kaleidoscopic array of "names" as reactions to trauma?
In business, the workings/labour of commerce in "The System", do all the "names" that make up your every-day involvement in commerce exist?
The living-sensory men and women and children around you in present-sense are real BUT they are all lost to the re-presentation of shadows/reflections, lost to the story-telling of the fantasies of "names" they perform in their jobs in "The System". The living are NOT there - the living DO NOT SEE/SENSE the living because they are all under the "spells" of rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, conditions, contracts, etc, that govern the performance of their lives under the current fantasy-play they act in as...... Christians at Church/Congregation, Muslims at Mosques, Jews at Synagogues, Buddhists at Temples, Workers at Citibank, FBI, CIA, White-House, Republican/Democratic Party Conventions, McDonalds, KFC, K-Mart, Walmart, Hight Court, Supreme Court, Water Board, Local, State and Federal Government Departments, News Limited, Fox News, Warner Bros, Manchester United, LA Rams, Boston Red Socks, Wimbledon, Olympic Games, World Cup, U2 Rock Concerts, Occupy, Ubuntu, OPPT, Zeitgeist, Thrive, Venus Project, etc, etc, and at ALL other Pagan Institutions that form the storytelling of "names", of "titles" of "name", of "costumes" of "name", of "standings" of "name" in "The System" (Wonderland) where everyone is lost as Alice ("NAME") Through The Looking Glass of many, many, many, "names" that make up the fraud/lies of "system life", "system thoughts/reflections/shadows" bouncing to and fro between your ears!
How ironic is this and how insane we all are!


Ego Conflict

"Name" is also the ego that possesses us and causes conflict because we are torn between MAN and the MAN we really are and the fake reflection of the ego. This conflict is carried out in our relationships with each other because we are worshipping the ego and that ego will sabotage any coming together to work on projects with each other because the ego always wants to be in control. The key is in letting go of the ego so that we can come together without conflict. All our opinions are of the ego, relying on thoughts that come from occults and esoterics to trap us. Only the ego lives in The System, not the MAN.
Man is a gift of creation who doesn't own life or own anything. MAN is a servant (custodian/caretaker/steward) to the dream of life. MAN doesn't have to worry about anything because everything is provided and there are no concerns about love and loss because there is no trauma. We can get so lost in our opinions that they can become the conflict between us. We have met many great people who want to change the way things are, but many of them have a stronger alliance to alcohol, drugs, politics, money, etc, than to their brothers and sisters. They value their Holy Communion with the alcohol, the anger and the rage of their trauma more than they value getting together with their brothers and sisters of life to co-create lives without all the suffering of The System". This is what keeps us isolated and separated from each other and what keeps us from coming together willingly, with certainty. We are too scared because of our alliance to the "name", the trauma and the ego, re-inFORCEDed by all the fear pumped out on all the information networks of "The System".
We are already together, we just have to let go of the egos that are getting in the way. More on this coming in another article shortly.


The "Name" Keeps Us Lost

Being lost to the duality con-structs of "name" leads you into carrying out ALL the programs (instructions/reflection/shadows of "name") which are at the heart of every man, woman and child under the "spell" of these images in "The System" of "names", and thus into being the slaves to "name" performing the physical labour of "names", day-after-day-after-day-after-day-after-day.
This is what everyone is caught up doing throughout most of their lives, if not all of it. Lost to politics, to the dramas and entertainment of politics, lost to religions and to the dramas and entertainment of religions, lost to money and to the dramas and entertainment of money, etc, etc, etc.......
All this goes on between your/our ears AND NO WHERE ELSE.
We have accepted the presence of a Satanic overlord to enter our brains to control us through his IMAGE POWER for all of our "natural" lives...... unless we wake up to what is really going on.
These black-magically engineered and programmed "names" form the make-believe physical-material constructs we call Democracy, Constitution, Rule Of Law, The White House, Government, Democrats, Republicans, Labour Liberal, Politics, Church, Christians, Jews, Synagogues, Muslims, Mosques, Buddhists, Temples, Banks, Federal Reserve, Money, Commerce, Insurance, Stock Market, Economies, Aliens, UFOS, Higher Beings/Powers, Astrology, Numerology, Alphabets, Mathematics, Geometry, etc, etc, basically everything else of "The System" of many, many, many, "names".
And here we all are, billions of us, acting out his program that has us be the drones building "The System" out of the many, many "names" that form the dead-world building blocks and Meccano sets for our living-dead lives of "names" to perform within. And here we all are, billions of Godzillas running amok consuming and destroying nature left, right and centre just to survive the fake-life of "name" in "The System" of the almighty.
Does the "name" Christian or Jew or Muslim or Greek or American or French or Italian or Australian or Democrat or Republican or Citibank or Jesus or God or Galactic Federation or Universe or Solar System, etc, etc ,etc (millions and millions of "names") exist?????
So why do billions believe these "names" to be true??????
And what is the intent behind such Psyops Programming???
Conflict between who we really are as MAN and ego, conflict between MAN and MAN, and conflict between MAN and Earth/Nature. Out of this organised chaos comes the Freemasonic/Satanic order of their divide and rule; "The System" for all the Godzillas.


Re-Inventing The Holy Ghost

Now ask the question; what clever program have they put into your brain to get you to create, on behalf of "name", the New World Order (NWO) that is "The System" of many, many "names" under another guise? And then ask how millions of MAN are being currently programmed under "name" to become the latest production line of robots coming out of Factory Planet Earth, via the "names" of the internet, facebook, etc, etc, programmed to create the NWO? And what are the tools being used to con everyone into creating the "name" of the NWO for their masters?
Do you really believe everything going on in Facebook and the internet and elsewhere is there for you to just have a social life with all the interests that come with this or is it there for thousands and thousands of INTEL operatives to mess with your head?
We know the answer and we know who most of these INTEL operatives are. It is very easy to tell. We have given you all the clues in this post and in our other Love For Life posts. And we know the remedy that brings an everlasting end to this man-made madness of "name".


Sending The Message

Through the generosity of many, we have an expensive professional audio recording studio, created to make music that will get the message out to as many people as possible so we can all walk away together, including away from the recording and the internet, and back to nature. We are now building a video/film production suite. It is almost impossible to do it all on our own so we need help from anyone with the ability and the enthusiasm to bring our engineering up to standard. If anyone can find the space amongst their system obligations to come and help to get things moving, we would love to hear from you.
While we are still stuck in "The System", we can use "The System" to create world class music, documentaries, YouTube clips, etc, to counteract the Image Power constantly being peddled by the music and entertainment industry, getting Love For Life into mainstream so that we make it clear what we have to do to get out, instead of being lead, oblivious, by their almighty-priests into the New World Order.
Sequential Order of videos, articles, etc, can be found here: - Full copy provided below
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
21st April 2014

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