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Friday, 6 February 2015

Love for Life - Arthur And Fiona Cristian (Website)

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionSend to friendSend to friendThe Cristian Family November 2006

22nd November 2010 In March 2005, we set out on the search for truth; the truth of who we really are, what we are really part of and our true purpose and the truth about "The System" that enslaves us, how it enslaves us and why it enslaves us. After crossing many rivers, scaling many mountains and walking through many valleys, we have come to the fact that the truth is very simple and the remedy to our suffering is very simple. Those interested in following the journey of our awakening can find it in the articles below, starting in 2005. However, for a faster track to the main insights we have come to, we suggest reading the latest set of articles that explain where we are now in terms of comprehending "The System" and the remedy to it.
We have unravelled "The System" and how we are brainwashed into supporting and maintaining it. We can explain this very clearly but we find that the brainwashing of "The System" is so effective that very few see it for what it is and thus remain trapped by it. Most men and women are so taken over by their belief systems that they are unable to listen to or read anything without placing the information of their belief systems over the information they are reading or hearing. Instead of taking in the information on offer and seeing how their belief systems measure up to the information, they take the information on offer and see how it measures up to their belief systems. If it doesn't fit in, the information is tossed out the door. It is a real challenge to learn to contemplate on information without clouding the message of that information with the information of our past experiences and our beliefs. Like black paint dripping into white so that it is no longer pure white, we cannot comprehend the message of new information while we are dripping our experiences and beliefs into it.
If we do not learn to truly scrutinise what we believe to be true, searching for the evidence to back those beliefs and being prepared to move on in the search of truth as soon as our beliefs fail to stand, we will never be free because we will cling to that which we believe to be true and stand at arms against any information that threatens our beliefs. This is the state of affairs now; millions arguing and fighting over belief systems, convinced that everything will be alright if only everyone thought like them.
From a very young age, we are trained to learn and base our lives on the information of "The System", superimposing it over the information of LIFE/nature that can show us how to live freely in peace. Our greatest challenge is to learn to recognise the difference between the two because, no matter how much we long for a world of freedom, peace, joy and abundance for ALL, we will never achieve it while we are using the information of "The System". Only the information of LIFE can return us to LIFE.
Those behind "The System" who benefit from "The System" engineer all the arguing and fighting between us and all the other distractions of "The System" that keep us from the information of who we really are, what we are really part of and our true purpose because, while we are distracted and distanced from each other, we need "The System" to provide some sort of order to our chaos. Belief in the need for "The System" is so ingrained that very few think of looking outside "The System" for the remedy to the problems of "The System". There are now millions of well-intentioned men and women spending hours and hours, whether on the internet, through email networks, church groups, freedom-truth networks, etc, searching and planning remedies for the problems of "The System" but nearly ALL of them suggest remedies within "The System" which only perpetuate both "The System" and the problems.
The only remedy to the problems of "The System" is no more "System" and we know how to achieve this. Do No Harm communities - Kindoms - of men and women prepared to stand together against "The System" and learn how to live without "The System", weaning the addictions of "The System" out of our lives and learning how to live as LIFE with other LIFE forms of LIFE, returning LIFE to the perfect living dream it was dreamt to be by the living creator of the dream of LIFE. Lives of freedom, peace, joy and abundance for ALL is the dream of LIFE and ones we can return to but ONLY without "The System" and ONLY when we each take full responsibility for the lives we are creating and for co-creating and expanding the dream of LIFE. All dreams have a creator.
Welcome To The Work Of Love For Life
Arthur and Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

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